Events and Training fees and charges 2019-20

Events and Training fees and charges 2019-20






e.g. Discover Parish Registers, Discover Your House History, Discover Maps – 2 hours (per ticket)



Searchroom Tours

45 minute introductory tours aimed at helping people to be more self-sufficient when visiting to research (per ticket)




One-day events on different historical topics (per ticket)


As appropriate

Bookbinding workshops

One day course with our Conservation department  (per ticket)



Group Visits

Standard tour



A tour of the Searchroom, a visit to a repository and Conservation, a small display of maps and ERO treasures (per group)





Bespoke tour

Tour as above with a bespoke document display



Archivists talks

Talking about certain topics (Per talk)




(full day per person)



e.g. Oral history training, archival research skills

training, social media training


£50.00 (min £300)


£70.00 (min £350)

(half day per person)

As above


£40.00 (min £200)

(half day per person)

Editing sound recordings training


£35.00 (min £175)